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We are never ever getting back together….like, ever.

so glad you were around when they said speak now (insp)

Taylor + people at the VMA's

Taylor and Demi at the VMAs.

74/? Outfits/Dresses - VMAs 2014, Shake it off

74/? Outfits/Dresses - VMAs 2014, Shake it off


Taylor Swift @ VMAs


Taylor Swift performing “Shake It Off” at the 2014 VMA’s (HD)

Everything will be alright

Everything will be alright

Taylor Swift attending Award Shows 2010-2011
echo, 15. i blog about taylor swift and that's all that's important.
but i also have a lot of feelings about game of thrones, the hunger games, sherlock, doctor who, and harry potter, and of course the casts associated with them.
photoshop and i have a love hate relationship. mostly hate.
also i love dippin dots and doing pointless things and obsessively eating and visiting faraway places but i always end up blogging on tumblr and that's all there really is to me.
if you actually read this i'm not sure whether to be sorry that i put you through this or flattered that someone actually cares.


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