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13 Day Taylor Swift challenge
    ↪DAY 5; Favorite song in ‘live/acoustic’ version: TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR
13 Day Taylor Swift challenge
    ↪DAY 3; Favorite song from ‘Speak Now’ album: long live + the story of us + haunted + ours + the entire album pretty much
DAY 2Favorite song from ‘Fearless’ album
                  YOU BELONG WITH ME
DAY 1Favorite song from ‘Taylor Swift’ album
                  COLD AS YOU
13 Day Taylor Swift Challenge


  1. Favorite song from ‘Taylor Swift’ album
  2. Favorite song from ‘Fearless’ album
  3. Favorite song from ‘Speak Now’ album
  4. Favorite song from ‘RED' album
  5. Favorite song in Live/Acoustic Version
  6. Favorite collaboration
  7. Favorite Music Video
  8. Favorite Lyrics/Line
  9. Favorite Break-up song/song that makes you cry
  10. Favorite Love song
  11. Favorite Party song/Hairbrush song
  12. Song that you can really relate right now
  13. Your Theme/Life song

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echo, 15. i blog about taylor swift and that's all that's important.
but i also have a lot of feelings about game of thrones, the hunger games, sherlock, doctor who, and harry potter, and of course the casts associated with them.
photoshop and i have a love hate relationship. mostly hate.
also i love dippin dots and doing pointless things and obsessively eating and visiting faraway places but i always end up blogging on tumblr and that's all there really is to me.
if you actually read this i'm not sure whether to be sorry that i put you through this or flattered that someone actually cares.


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